vision & Mission

Aims of the Peterhouse Group

Peterhouse is a community of three schools:

  1. Peterhouse Boys (PHB) – a full boarding school for boys from Form 1 to 6th form (with girls from Peterhouse Girls being taught at 5th and 6th form level)
  2. Peterhouse Girls (PHG) – a full boarding school, with a small number of day pupils, for girls from Form 1 to 6th form
  3. Springvale House – a weekly boarding and day school for boys and girls from Grade 1 to Grade 7
  4. In addition there is a Nursery School for boys and girls located at PHB

PHB, PHG and SVH operate as a group of schools. The Rector is Headmaster on a day-to-day basis of PHB and he also has overall responsibility for the leadership of the Peterhouse Group. PHG and SVH are led by their own Headmasters who report to the Rector whilst having considerable autonomy of their own. The Business Manager, working in close liaison in particular with the Rector, but also with the Headmasters of PHG and SVH has responsibility for the management of the three schools support staff and their various activities (catering, estates, finance, maintenance and transport).

The specific aims of Peterhouse are as follows:

  1. to provide an all through education for pupils who meet the schools’ entrance criteria, and who are in sympathy with the aims/ethos of the Peterhouse Group, from Grade 1 to 6th form, subject to the availability of places;
  2. to be a civilised and caring Christian community, based upon the traditions of the Anglican faith and upon reasonable behaviour, mutual respect, trust and courtesy;
  3. to develop and promote an atmosphere in which learning and personal development can prosper unhindered and in which pupils are able to develop a sense of their own identity and worth;
  4. to ensure the welfare of its pupils, particularly with regard to their health and happiness;
  5. to ensure that pupils develop and understand the importance of a core set of values – loyalty, decency, honesty, humility, service, self-sacrifice and respect – so that they are able to work well both as individuals and as members of a team;
  6. to ensure that pupils leave Peterhouse with the best possible academic qualifications;
  7. to enable pupils to develop their potential not only in the classroom but in all other respects (sport, outdoor pursuits, music, drama, art and culture) depending on their aptitudes and interests;
  8. to promote high standards of personal appearance, dress, good manners and self-discipline; and
  9. to prepare pupils for life beyond school in such a way that they are able to make a positive and lasting difference.

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