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Day Scholar Option

Boarding isn’t for you and your family?

Although predominantly a weekly boarding school, Springvale House also offers a day scholar option. The inclusive nature of life at Springvale House ensures that weekly boarders and day scholars alike are thoroughly involved in all aspects of school.

Day scholars are expected to be at school in time for the daily morning assembly. Thereafter, all pupils follow the academic timetable as per their respective grades. They join the weekly boarders for morning and afternoon tea, lunch, and then follow all the afternoon activities on offer at school.

Monday to Thursday, the infant day scholars can be collected after tea (1500hrs), whilst the Grade 3-7 Day Scholars can be collected after their respective afternoon activities at 1645hrs. All pupils are collected on a Friday at 1330hrs, unless there are sporting activities scheduled for that particular weekend.

There is a daily bus service that caters for day scholar children.


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