Our values & Our mission

“Every child, the whole child, developed to the best they can be, in a safe and happy `country` environment”

Springvale House caters for parents who desire a closer teacher-pupil relationship for their child, in an atmosphere where each individual pupil can be recognized and developed to their full potential.

Combinations of traditional and innovative study techniques are entrenched. This approach is founded on the belief that education is an active process, rather than just an exercise of absorption. Manners, self-discipline, respect, honesty and a positive self-esteem are regarded as fundamental aspects of a pupil’s character. Such timeless values inculcate a sense of pride and a strength of purpose in each and every pupil.

Outside the classroom we have initiated a comprehensive programme of extra mural activities which, with the school’s commitment to involvement in music, drama, clubs, extra options and sport, contributes to developing the whole child.

Above all, our intention is to develop a partnership between home and school, to best serve the needs of your child. With this in mind, if you would like further information or to visit us and see for yourself the busy and happy atmosphere of Springvale House, please make an appointment through the school office.

Springvale House

The Beginning

Springvale School was founded by Rev. Canon Robert Grinham and Maurice Carver in 1952 , as a second Anglican junior boys School in Marondera. In 1949, 1000 acres of land was bought  for £2 an acre and this was the start of the Peterhouse Group of Schools.

The first boys arrived in May 1952 under the Headship of Robert Grinham, who duly retired in 1956, having been the guiding spirit and force behind the school’s opening.

After the school closing down temporarily in 1979 because of the war and the subsequent dwindling numbers. It reopened as Springvale House in 1985 as a co-educational establishment with 93 children, in what was originally the Junior Block, with founder Headmaster Mr Jon Calderwood.

Springvale House is a co-educational primary school catering for approximately 225 children, from the ages of 6 to 12 years of age. Approximately 70% of the pupils are weekly boarders and the rest are day scholars. Classes range from Grade 1 through to Grade 7.

lt is an Independent Junior School which is also a member of the Conference of Heads of Independent Schools of Zimbabwe (CHISZ)  and the Association of Trust Schools (ATS).

The school shares the same grounds and facilities as Peterhouse Girls, on an estate of some 1200 acres, north of the main Harare-Mutare road, about 11 kilometers east of Marondera.

Mr Graham Peebles joined Springvale House in 1986 and after 6 years became Headmaster.  Graham retired at the end of 2019 after 33 years of service – 27 of which were in the capacity of Headmaster.

Mr Paul Martin joined Springvale House in January 2020 as Headmaster. 




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