Peterhouse Girls

Boarding System

Peterhouse Girls is an Anglican Boarding School. Most girls are full boarders with the exception of a few girls who are day-scholars. The boarding system is structured horizontally and each girl is also placed in one of four Competitive Houses: Eland, Impala, Kudu and Sable.


The San is used to accommodate girls who are too sick to attend lessons, afternoon activities and need overnight observation. A registered nurse runs the san and is on call 24 hours a day. She attends sporting events and treats first aid injuries on site. Injuries and health issues requiring a doctor’s medical expertise are treated by the school doctors Dr Kevin Martin and Dr Farai Dzuda. In case of emergency girls are ferried by school transport / MARS to Borradaile Hospital where they are assessed and treated by the school doctors. School doctors visit the sanatorium every Tuesday to check on patients with minor injuries / health problems. The san has facilities to nebulise and resuscitate asthmatics and patients allergic to bee stings or other insect bites. A physiotherapist visits the san once a week.

First Aid bags are prepared for the coaches for all ‘away’ matches and ‘guarantee letters’ are arranged with all major hospitals for treatment of injured children while on away games.

A BLOCK (Form Fours)

Elizabeth House

Housemistress – Miss H Rinashe

Elizabeth House was named after Elizabeth Megahey, wife of Alan Megahey, who established the Peterhouse Group of Schools.

Kathleen, Margaret and Elizabeth Houses have four wings with each wing accommodating 20 girls. Girls live in pairs, sharing a spacious living and working area. Each wing has its own ablution and shower area. There is a common room at the heart of the house where meetings are held and where girls can come together to watch movies etc. The girls are cared for by House Prefects in each wing, as well as a School Prefect and a Live-In Tutor (staff member) whose accommodations are both physically attached to the house.

B BLOCK (Form Threes)

Margaret House

Housemistress – Mrs N Chinodyaruswa

Margaret House was named after Margaret Snell, wife of Fred Snell, founder of Peterhouse.

C BLOCK (Form Twos)

Kathleen House

Housemistress – Mrs G Fantiso

Kathleen House was named after Kathleen Grinham, wife of Canon Robert Grinham, founder of Springvale House.

D BLOCK (Form Ones)


Housemistress – Mrs S Kaschula

Girls entering the school in D Block are placed in dormitories that accommodate 6 – 8 girls each. They live with ten House Prefects and two Live-In Tutors (staff members) who care for and assist them as they adjust to their first year in high school.

Williams Field

Ms K Barrie (Vth Form)
Miss J Schultz (VIth Form)

Senior girls move onto Williams Field which offers a unique boarding system with Vth and VIth Form cottages each accommodating between 8 and 16 girls who live in pairs or in single rooms. Each cottage has its own bathroom area as well as a cosy entrance room which also acts as a communal area for the girls to make tea in. There is a House Prefect placed in each cottage to ensure good management of their living quarters.

Peterhouse Girls

Competitive Houses

Each girl is also placed in one of four Competitive Houses: Eland, Impala, Kudu and Sable.

  • 1st Fixture Free Weekend begins at 1000 Friday, ending with Roll Call at 1000 on a Monday.
  • Half Term Break begins at 1000 Thursday, ending with Roll Call at 1000 on a Tuesday.
  • 3rd Fixture Free Weekend begins at 1000 Friday, ending with Roll Call at 1000 on a Monday.

Bus transport is provided to various destinations but parents may prefer to collect and deliver their daughters on these occasions. Please contact your daughter’s Housemistress ten days in advance should you require your daughter to travel on one of the buses.

The school closes over Fixture Free Weekends. Please ensure arrangements are made for your daughter well in advance and that she is aware of them.

There are an unlimited number of ‘floating nights’ when pupils are permitted to stay home over a weekend subject to any School commitments they may have. Please remember to notify the Housemistress in writing of the intention for your daughter to take a floating night. 

Floatings start at 12:30 p.m. on a Friday or 9 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday.

Floatings finish at 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday or Sunday or at 7 a.m. on a Monday.

Your daughter must be signed out by an adult on her Visitors List. Any other trips off campus by your daughter must be approved by her Housemistress.

Your daughter may take a Sunday Outing during a weekend that she remains at school provided that she has no school commitments. She may be signed out from 0900 and returned by 1730. She must be accompanied by someone on her Visitors List.


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