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At Peterhouse Boys School we are renowned for our extensive sports program and our competitive nature in the Sports arena. Our staff and our pupils take great pride in sport preparation and representation. Although it is our mantra to play to win we do not do so at any cost but rather within the spirit and the laws of the games we play. It is our goal to keep sport on an educational level ensuring that pupils learn through their experiences via their vigorous training sessions or their competition results, it is important for our boys to understand how to lose just as much as it is important to understand how to win. A Peterhouse Pupil must display great sportsmanship on and off the field and they must ensure that they are as gracious in defeat as they are humble in victory.

Peterhouse strives to get the best out of their pupils, giving them the courage to step out of their comfort zone helping them realize their own true potential and ability and giving them the confidence to go out and compete at the highest level.

Sporting Activities on Offer

Athletics (Track and Field), Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Karate, Mountain Biking, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Soccer, Squash, Swimming, Triathlon, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Waterpolo and Strength and Conditioning.

Peterhouse Boys prides itself in producing quality coaching throughout the spectrum of what we offer. Thus not only is it common to find Zimbabwe representatives amongst the pupil body, but also to find national coaches, managers, and selectors from staff at all age group levels. In the last 12 months Peterhouse Boys has provided representatives for National teams in Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Motor Cross, Rowing, Rugby, Table Tennis, Tennis, Triathlon, Sailing, Swimming, Volleyball, and Waterpolo.


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