Around, around and around the ring road sixteen times. Ring Road Relays: the annual event done
here at Peterhouse, on the first Sunday of Lent Term. Boys were standing at different points along
the ring road in their blocks, waiting for a house member to hand them the baton so that they could
jet off and run their hearts out.

I stood there waiting for my turn to run the allocated 224m. As my house mate handed me the
baton, I just thought to myself, “I need to overtake that Founders guy!” And I did. All the anxiety I
had disappeared and I sped towards the next runner. As I got closer, I could feel the pain in my legs,
and the sweat running down my face, and finally, the B Blockers shouting my name.

What is the Ring Road Relay? A day when all six houses come together and compete in a running
challenge. The baton is passed between blocks and must go around the ring road 16 times. Each
member of the house must run at least once. The camaraderie and school spirit is intense, exciting,
and loud.

Results: 1 st Paget 2 nd Ellis 3 rd Grinham 4 th Malvern 5 th Snell 6 th Founders
By Tendeso Nyabereka
C Block