1st Team Basketball Petra Invitational           
vs Arundel won 8-3
vs Bulawayo Convent lost 5-9
vs Wise Owl Marondera won 21-14
vs Girls College won 21-9
vs Eaglesvale lost 3-6
vs Lomagundi lost 9-10         

Peterhouse Girls vs Nagle House       
Our PHG Martial Artists competed against Nagle House on Friday and our team won 2-1.

A League vs Harare Convent
U14A  won 3-0
U15A won 1-0
U16A won 9-0
1st Team won 5-0      
B League vs Falcon College

The PHG B teams played against the Falcon A teams and the results are as follows:
U14B lost 1-4
U15B lost 0-3
U16B lost 0-2
2nd Team lost 0-3      

C League vs Falcon College
Our C teams played against the Falcon B teams and our teams fared as follows:
U14C won 1-0
U15C lost 2-3
U16C drew 0-0
3rd Team won 3-1 

Horse Riding    

Zimbabwe National Junior Dressage Ranking:
20th – Sienna Page & Standpoint

Zimbabwe National Dressage Rankin:
12th – Kai Stidolph & Supa Good 

Equigear Show, HIPEC, Borrowdale Country Club, Harare
Saturday the 20th of May to Sunday the 21st of May 2023
Sienna Page on Cherise 
4th Place – 1m Championship Class 
Sienna had 3/3 clear rounds

The Africa Nations Cup & Shield – South Africa 13/14 May 2023
Zimbabwe’s team started well – 3rd Place after the Dressage competition
Sienna Page –  8th Place individually in the Dressage competition 
Zim team – 5th Place in the Cross Country

National Junior Show Jumping Rankings for this year so far:
Sienna Page is ranked on both her horses; 
8th in Zimbabwe @ Height; 1meter – Horse; Capital Cherise
20th in Zimbabwe @ Height; 80 cm – Horse; Porterhouse

22/23 April 2020 Borrowdale Country Club
Taige Dewdney – Skylar 
4th Place – 80 cm Unranked Show Jumping Class
3rd Place – 80cm Two Phase Unranked Show Jumping
Sienna Page – Capital Cherise
3rd Place – 1.00/1.05 m Accumulator Show Jumping

Squash vs Convent   
The Harare Convent squash team travelled to Marondera to play our team.
Seniors won 9-1         

On Wednesday the 24th of May, the Peterhouse Girls Gavel Club travelled to Prince Edward for the first external meeting of the year. The event was hosted by Prince Edward and included Chisipite, Dominican Convent, St. Georges and Hellenic Academy. 

On the 31st of May, the members of the Peterhouse Girls Gavel Club travelled to Peterhouse Boys for the traditional Peterhouse Gavel meet. Miss Keanna Shumba presented a thought-provoking speech titled ‘The bible’s views on homosexuality’. Mr Joseph Hilderbrand delivered a prepared speech on ‘Peterhouse’ and centered on whether the core values of the school have changed over the years. This topic was close to home and so it was easier for members of the societies to share their views on a more personal level. 

Model United Nations
Peterhouse Girls attended the Harare Dominican Convent MUN Conference. There were eight schools altogether and most of them were fairly new to MUN. Congratulations to our girls for receiving the following awards:
Matifadza Madera- Best Position Paper
Leona Marimira- Most Promising Delegate
Ashleigh Nzenza- Most Promising Delegate
Gracie Nzenza- Most Promising Delegate
Tatenda Kumbirai-Most Promising Delegate
Ruvarashe Chimuka- Best Delegate

The Peterhouse Awareness Club met with its counterpart club from Prince Edward at Peterhouse. The clubs discussed gender roles and their place in today’s society. Toxic femininity and masculinity were debated at length with some insightful conversations. The meeting ended with the boys and girls on polarised ends.

Public Speaking vs Gateway
Shania Jin placed 1st – 78%

Interschool Quiz held at Westridge
Juniors came 14/20
Seniors came 13/20
Overall PHG came 15/20

Buckland Arts Competition 2023

Art Juniors
1st Chloe Street (E)
2nd Lexie Kaschula (S)
3rd Genovefa Owen (K)
4th Rhyley Moore

Art Middles
1st Jade Stockil (K)
2nd Nadia Chimanga (E)
3rd Keira Hartman (S)
4th Lianna Mashumba (E)

Art Seniors
1st Eve Kunaka (K)
2nd Megan Van Wyk (E)
3rd Mufaro Nazare (K)
4th Courtney Marufu (E)

Cookery Juniors
1st Sadie Ludick (K)
2nd Theanoa Mahlaba (K)
3rd Anesu Dzvatsva (S)
4th Rudadiso Midzi (S)

Cookery Middles
1st Naledi Ngwenya (S)
2nd Tatenda Kumbirai (I)
3rd Nikita Rana (K)
4th Tatenda Kwenda (S)

Cookery Senior
1st Kayla Gillwad (I)
2nd Shae Macrae (S)
3rd Anna Davy (S)
4th Tinevimbo Kwashira (K)

Décor Juniors
1st  Mikayla Chiremba (I)
2nd Ashleigh Nzenza (E)
3rdDanelle Nyamurera (K)
4th Samara Mushoriwa (E)

Décor Middles
1st  Acacia Orphanides (S)
2nd Nyasha Bvute (K)
3rd Matifadza Madera (K)
4th Brooke Ziki (S)

Décor Seniors
1st Mafaro Musimwa (K)
2ndTanyaradzwa Mushita (E)
3rd Roberta Muleya (I)
4th Ariella Kaja (S)

Dance Juniors
1st Sable
2nd Kudu
3rd  Eland
4th Impala

Dance Middles
1st Eland
2nd Impala
3rd Kudu
4th Sable

Dance Seniors
1st Impala
2nd Eland
3rd Sable

Design Juniors
1st Alexie Lee Shattock (E)
2nd Matida Marimirofa (S)
3rd Mandipa Mawunga (I)
4th Erin Eastwood (S)

Design Middles
1st Acacia Orphanides (S)
2nd Nicole Manunure (E)
3rd Shae Hanhart (S)
4th Arrielle Matongera (E)

Design Seniors
1st Jenna Palframan (K)
2nd Shumirai Chigadza (I)
3rd Kylie Odendaal (S)
4th Chloe Scott-Elliot (K)

Flower Arranging Juniors
1st Sadie Ludick (K)
2nd Naledi Chibanguza(K)
3rd  Akudzwe Nhondova(K)
3rd Erin Eastwood

Flower Arranging Middles
1st Acacia Orphanides (S)
2nd Sarah Bicknell (S)
3rd Lanah Van der Merwe (K)
3rd Kaitlyn Zhanda (I)

Flower Arranging Seniors
1st Elizabeth Moore Gordon (E)
2nd Reina Parirenyatwa (I)
3rd Summer Ludick (K)
4th Ella Lister

Recitation Juniors
1st Rachel Gomo (K)
2nd Vanessa Sango
3rd Farirai Chivige (I)

Recitation Middles
1st Leona Marimira (I)
2nd Anotida Kunaka (E)
3rd Grace Murendo (K)

Recitation Seniors
1st Anike Mparuri (K)
2nd Summer Ludick (S)
3rd Tanyaradzwa Midzi (S)

Photography Juniors
1st Erin de Wet (K)
2nd Jordan Carlisle (I)
3rd Sharae Trewartha (E)
4th Sadie Ludick (K)

Photography Middles
1st Ruby Tasker (K)
2nd Tadiwa Ruzvidzo (K)
3rd Lizille Hill (E)
4th Lanah Van de Merwe

Photography Seniors
1st Anike Mparuri (K)
2nd Summer Ludick (K)
3rd Tanyaradzwa Midzi(E)
4th Courtney Marufu (E)

Music Solo Juniors
1st Hailey Chimanikire(E)

Music Solo Middles
1st Keren Brits (E)

Music Solo Seniors
1st Aneni Chigwedere (I)

1st Kudu, 2nd Impala, 3rd Sable, 4th Eland

Senior Picnics
1st Kudu, 2nd Eland, 3rd Impala, 4th Sable

1st Kudu, 2nd Impala, 3rd Sable, 4th Eland

Overall Results
1st Kudu 247
2nd Sable 227
3rd Impala 182
4th Eland 160


The Marondera Garden trophy for the best arrangement overall – Acacia Orphanides (S) (97%)

The Buckland Arts Trophy for contributing the most to the competition- Acacia Orphanides

The Buckler Trophy for the most points overall – Kudu


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