Interschools Competition
PH hosted the interschools archery competition. The results were:
PHG A Team came 5th.
Individually, Mafaro Musimwa placed 6th, and Melissa Allott came 10th.

U14, U15, U16 Basketball
The PHG junior basketball teams traveled to Bulawayo to play in Invitational Tournaments. Their results were as follows:

U14 (Girls College Tournament)
vs Chisipite lost 0-4
vs Petra won 10-2
vs Arundel won 6-2
vs Harare Convent lost 2-4
vs Eaglesvale lost 2-6

The U15 Team played in their age-group final against Harare Convent and lost 2-3, resulting in PHG winning the Silver Medal.
U15 (Byo convent)
vs Petra won 15-1
vs St John’s EH won 26-2
vs Heritage won 8-0
vs Harare Convent won 3-2
vs Arundel won 6-2
vs Harare Convent 5-8

U16 (Petra Tournament)
vs Masiyapambili won 8-2
vs St Johns Emerald Hill lost 1-5
vs Petra lost 7-11
vs Bulawayo Convent lost 2-5

At the Petra Tournament, the 20232 U16 ATS Zimbabwe Team was selected and the following girls were selected for the team:

  1. Chelsea Jin
  2. Natsai Mandimutsira
  3. Amanda Manyanda.

A League Hockey vs Lomagundi
Lomagundi College traveled to PHG to play their A League fixtures. The results were as follows:
U14A won 3-0
U15A won 1-0
U16A won 2-0
1st Team won 6-0

Soccer vs Hellenic
Our junior and senior soccer teams hosted Hellenic.
Juniors drew 1-1
Seniors drew 1-1


v Prince Edward
As lost 6-9
Bs won 5-2
Cs lost 3-14

v. PHB
As lost 1-18
Bs lost 9-11
Cs won 8-6

v Watershed
Juniors won 70%-62.5%
Aimee Makuchete was the best speaker with 71%
Intermediates lost 62%-62.5%
Seniors won 71%-65%

On Wednesday 14th June, the PHG Gavel Club attended an invitational meet at St George’s College. Once again speeches delivered by representatives from both schools were thought provoking, topical and a clear indication that our young people are just as concerned about global social trends as much as we all are. Our meets continue to be an eye opener for the Gavel Club, and it is a pleasure to see the increasing level of confidence with which our girls speak publicly.

The PASTIS club hosted a Teen Talk event that was attended by club members and Dominican Convent girls. Two main topics were discussed. The first one focused on the International Day of the African child’s theme which this year was ‘The rights of the child in the digital environment’. The discussions that took place centred on this topic and included cyberbullying, privacy
(eg sharenting) and consent. The second topic which focused on family dynamics was to do with Father’s Day and importance of the day. Discussions around the topics were both interesting and insightful.

Quiz held at Arundel
Juniors came 2 out of 20 schools
Seniors came 5 out of 20 schools
Overall PHG came 3 out of 20 schools

Shona Club Drama
V Wise Owl and Hill Bright.
Peterhouse girls performed well. Our script was put together by B block girls.
PHG came 2nd
Kaitlyn Chikwata was voted the best actress
Nokutenda Jeri was voted best supporting actress.