Last week, our six Peterhouse Girls selected for Zimbabwe U18 and U16A teams travelled to Namibia to play in a Test Series against the Namibian U18 and U16 Teams.
The U16 Girls played 4 matches, losing 3 and drawing 1
The U18 Girls also played 4 matches, losing 1, drawing 1 and winning 2.
Well done to Ayanda Mangenah who was voted the Goalkeeper of the Tournament.



  1. Walk/Trot Test – Beginner Class
    1st Michael Koen on Merrylegs
    2nd Vanessa Sango on Speedy
    3rd Tinevimbo Masawi on Ranger
    4th Shingi Shumba on Ranger
  2. Dressage Prix Caprilli Test – Intermediate Class
    1st Bella Wilson on Speedy
    2nd Isabella Southon on Magnum
    3rd Kiara Dube on Made of Honour
    4th Nicole Mawadza on Flaring
  3. Dressage Prix Caprilli Test – Pre-Advanced Class
    1st Tamsyn Trewartha on Spirit
    2nd Bry-leigh Anderson on Graffiti
    3rd Keren Brits on Lolita
    4th Shaye Marillier on Goldie
    5th Nokutenda Mangwiro on Lolita
  4. Dressage Prix Caprilli Test – Advanced Class
    1st Jodie Anderson on Going Easy
    2nd Sharae Trewartha on Paradise


  1. Odds and Evens Jumping – Beginners Class
    1st Vanessa Sango and Shingi Shumba on Speedy and Ranger
    2nd Tinevimbo Masawi and Michael Koen on Ranger and Merrylegs
  2. Odds and Evens Jumping – Pre-Intermediate Class
    1st Bella Wilson and Isabella Southon on Speedy and Magnum
    2nd Kiara Dube and Nicole Mawadza on Made of Honour and Goldie
  3. Odds and Evens Jumping – Pre-Advanced and Advanced Class
    1st Jodie Anderson and Tamsyn Trewartha on Going Easy and Spirit
    2nd Shaye Marillier and Nokutenda Mangwiro on Goldie and Lolita
    3rd Keren Brits and Miss Lumsden on Lolita and Scud
    4th Tamsyn Trewartha and Bry-leigh Anderson on Spirit and Graffiti

1st Vanessa Sango on Speedy
1st Shingi Shumba on Ranger
1st Tinevimbo Masawi and Michael Koen on Ranger and Merrylegs
1st Bella Wilson on Speedy
1st Isabella Southon on Magnum
1st Nicole Mawadza and Kiara Dube on Goldie and Made of Honour
1st Shaye Marillier and Nokutenda Mangwiro on Goldie and Lolita
1st Bry-leigh Anderson on Graffiti
1st Keren Brits on Lolita
1st Jodie Anderson on Going Easy
1st Sharae Trewartha on Spirit

Well done to Taige Dewdney who competed in the Bowser Polo Crosse Tournament in Bulawayo.
Her team was the runner-up in the C Division tournament.


vs Watershed
Juniors lost 63%-65%
Runyararo Kusena was the best speaker with 72%

Intermediates won 63%- 57%.
Leona Marimira was the Best Speaker with 78%
Tayamika Mandiwanzira was 2nd best speaker with 72%
Matifadza was 3rd Best speaker with 69%

NIAA Speech and Drama Festival
Congratulations to the following girls on their results:

1st Grade:
Solo Poetry: Danniella Hulbert, Takomborerwa Makiwa, Rufaro Matsika, Tinevimbonashe Mukunoweshuro and Rachel Schley
Duo Poetry: Nyashadzashe Fanyana, Ashleigh Nzenza
Monologue: Chiedza Ziswa

2nd Grade:
Solo Poetry: Mazvita Chingwena, Kimberley Guzha, Matifadza Madera, Kundai Paradza
Duo Poetry: Takomborerwa Makiwa, Chenai Mvududu, Shongwe Nhekairo,
Shakespearean Monologue: Taboka Godie
Monologue: Grace Murendo
Public Speaking: Lianna Mashumba

Improvised one-minute story: Tatenderwa Chaduka, Mazvita Chingwena, Taboka Godie, Kimberley Guzha, Matifadza Madera, Grace Murendo, Hayley Pachirera