Peterhouse Girls – Newsletter 6 – Trinity 2023


Thursday 15th June 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Half term is here, and with it comes surprise that the highly anticipated Marondera winter remains strangely elusive. For our newer girls who haven’t spent a winter at Peterhouse, our experience tells us that they have a frosty few weeks to look forward to! Winter term always comes with the smell of rubber hot water bottles, the sound of squealing and yelping at shower times, and occasionally the view of fluffy pink pyjamas peaking out from the bottom of a tracksuit. Some girls decide the risk of being sent back to the dorms to get changed is worth it to keep warm! I always say that our girls are made of tough stuff – this is a characteristic that is definitely grown in the second term.

I know that we are all breathing a sigh of relief as we approach half term; we are all looking forward to a well-earned rest. However, our examination classes will have some revision to do.

Examinations bring a fair amount of trepidation and anxiety amongst the girls, and no doubt, the parents too. It may help to remember the purpose of the exams in the lives of our pupils: they present a way of tracking what we have learned, highlighting what requires more focus, and they affirm what has already been mastered. These mock examinations will provide the valuable feedback the girls and their teachers need to make the most of the final push to the end of the year.

That’s all from me and I wish you all a wonderful weekend with your families. And may the peace of Christ, which surpasses all understanding, guard you and keep you and bring you all back safely.

Warm regards,

Mrs Claire Hough


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