Peterhouse Girls – Newsletter 3 – Lent 2023


FROM: THE HEADMISTRESS Friday 10th March 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I think I mention this every term, but it never ceases to amaze me; time flies! That’s the beautiful thing about time; whether we are in a season of joy or a season of suffering, time continues at a constant speed (an incredibly fast speed). And so we know that all things do come to an end. It’s hard to believe that the term is almost over.

It has been a busy and most successful one and the last few weeks promise to be full of diligence in the classroom, preparation for winter sports, and a busy close to the cultural programme.

The Eisteddfod is in full swing and the girls have already experienced great success and reward for their hours of hard work. I am always grateful for the efforts of our Music Department, for their dedication to the continued development and success of the girls in this space. I am inclined to use the words of the head of another school; Professor Albus Dumbledore rightly said, “Ah music….a magic beyond all we do here.” Well done to all the musicians in our school, you truly do produce magical sounds.

In this coming week, the musicians will step out of the spotlight and the thespians will step into it. The final preparation for the Inter-house plays is underway and we are all looking forward to seeing what the girls have in store for us.

I think a big ‘well done’ is in order for our rowers who have recently returned from a successful tour to South Africa for the SA Championships. I would like to thank the staff and parents who accompanied them.

I’m sure the D Block are looking forward to the Tatanga Camping weekend and I hope that their parents are too! I look forward to seeing many of you there, enjoying Gosho Park and making the most of the opportunity to meet other families who have daughters in D Block.

For many years Peterhouse Girls has supported Musha weVana, our local orphanage, in various ways. Something that we do every year is include every member of the school in the making of blankets to keep the children warm through the Marondera Winter. This year again, we are encouraging all the girls to crotchet squares to make up these blankets for the children. If your daughter hasn’t yet made her square please encourage her to do so, or to do more for extra blankets!

We also want to help the efforts of the Interact Club in their support of the wider community. We ask that if you have used clothes and shoes that you no longer need, or any groceries that you can donate, to please bring them to the school next week; these will be distributed by the Interact team to the orphanage and to the Borradaile Trust old age home.

As a Christian school, we take part in the Lent Season. While Lent often seems like a season of “giving up” luxuries, I encourage you to think of it as a time of “filling up” on the wonder of the gift that Jesus Christ gave us in His resurrection. Here are some words to encourage you:

“In an effort to prepare our hearts ahead of Easter for the riches of glory in Christ’s resurrection, we dare not limit our celebration of the resurrection to one day each year. Jesus is risen, and alive right now — and every day you’ve ever lived. And so as we observe this anticipatory season (to whatever degree), we do so as those who know, and proclaim, and enjoy that he is risen indeed.” (David Mathis, Desiring God).
Go in peace.

Mrs Claire Hough


Please note that when the girls stay at school on the weekends, they have between four and six hours of organised prep sessions during this time. If your daughter is in B Block to VIth Form, she should always have work to do over the weekend; for exam classes this will include weekends without fixtures. Even if she has finished her set prep, your daughter should spend time studying.
For C and D Block pupils, the same applies for normal weekends, but we do not expect our juniors to work over weekends without fixtures. Please help your daughter to keep her academic focus, even when she is at home.

French Soiree
PHG had its annual French Soirée from 24th – 25th February, 2023. Both Friday and Saturday evenings comprised of entertaining plays, song and dance by our D, C, B and A Block girls, who all showed a pleasing level of spoken French. Of particular mention was the effort made by our D Block girls who managed to put up an excellent performance after only 4 weeks of learning the language! Their songs, short speeches and dance were a delight to watch! ‘Bravo’, et ‘Félicitations les filles!!!’ On Saturday evening, which was the grand finale, the girls certainly put their best foot forward; the A Block’s sterling performance showed that they are benefitting from their oral sessions greatly. This was all preceded by the serving of French platters for our guests, which included a mouth-watering spread of escargots, cheeses and French wines among other delicacies. We certainly look forward to next year’s French Soirée, where we aim to set the standard even higher.

The Interact Club Valentine’s Roses Programme was a success. The Interact Board worked with Boards from other ATS schools like Lomagundi, Falcon, St. John’s College, Chisipite and St George’s. They had a roses exchange programme at the Borrowdale Race course on Monday, 13th February. Currently the Board is mobilising donations for Kukura Neshungu and St. Francis School.

From 23 – 25 February, Peterhouse Model United Nations attended the first conference of the year, the Hellenic Academy Model United Nations (HAMUN). Delegates from Hellenic, Arundel, Harare Dominican Convent, Chisipite, St John’s College, St George’s College, Christian Brothers’ College, L’Ecole de Francaise and Prince Edward were in attendance. The conference started in the usual manner, with a very informative and dignified opening ceremony, however this normality was quickly undone by Cyclone Freddy. As a result, the delegates and chairs had to visit the past, with the conference resuming in an online format on Friday, followed by a hybrid conference on Saturday. Despite the challenges, the girls did exceptionally well with Ruvarashe Chimuka getting an award for Best Position Paper. This was definitely an extraordinary experience that taught the girls how to be innovative even in unexpected situations.

Two of our young Scientists- Makanakaishe Dzvurumi and Tayamika Mandiwanzira qualified for the 2023 edition of Zimbabwe’s most prestigious science competition- the Zimbabwe Science Fair. This was held in Harare on the 23rd of February. Makanakaishe’s project was entered in the Computer Science and Software Development Category- entitled UScore App. She won the Milset Exposciences Delegate Award, meaning she will go on to represent Zimbabwe in Mexico in October, 2023. Tayamika’s project was entered in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Category, where she was looking at Biodegradable plastic. She won a silver award in her category.

It has been exciting to see many girls across the school signing up to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. The Duke of Edinburgh International Award journey is done at three levels, Bronze Level from the age of 14, Silver Level from the age 15 and Gold Level from the age of 16.

Last year, Daniella Anderson and Deborah Davy completed their Gold Awards. Daniella is one of the very few participants who have managed to achieve awards at all three levels. She started her Duke of Edinburgh journey in C Block at Bronze Level. In order to achieve an award at any level, hours need to be attained for a sport, skill and a service. Daniella achieved these by doing the Gosho Park Running Club, Art and Design, and hospital visits to Borradaile Hospital to visit the elderly in Frail care. An adventurous journey is also a requirement in order to qualify for the award. After attempting several other types of journeys, Daniella did a horseback expedition where she rode from Peterhouse to Imire.

At Silver level, Daniella did a hiking expedition in Nyanga using the popular Turaco Trail. As participants are not allowed to repeat an activity that they have already done at Bronze Level, Daniella chose to do horse riding as her sport, she also did the Library Club as her service and made a blanket out of crotchet squares as her skill.

Finally, for the Gold Award which is 52 weeks of collecting just one hour per week in the three disciplines, Daniella persevered and did squash as a sport and equestrian coaching as her service activity. For her skill, Daniella perfected her French language speaking skills using the French Club. At Gold Level, further assessment is done in the form of a Residential project, where an individual goes out for 5 days away from familiar territory. Daniella completed her residential at Wendover Estate which does cattle farming for milk as well as taking in horses for training and livery. The livery horses come in for work and if they have any problems to be fixed. Daniella helped with work ride for horses that are heavy headed as well as free jump, lunge and load problem horses. She assisted in feeding all thirty of their horses, helped prepare meals and tidy up. She got an opportunity to mentor a little girl and to watch and assist the vet in his work at the yard. Daniella chose to do a sailing expedition for her qualifying journey. The practice journey was held at Lake Chivero and the qualifying journey was done at Lake Kariba.

Daniella has fully embraced the ethos of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award and has shown her dedication to achieving her goals which is no mean feat. She has been exemplary in every facet of the program and is commended for her hard work and determination.

Deborah started her Duke of Edinburgh International Award journey at Silver Level. Her activities were squash as her sport, acrylic art as a skill and Library Service as her voluntary activity. Her Silver qualifying journey was a sailing expedition on Lake Kariba. For her Gold Award, Deborah did personal gym training for her sport and refined her French language skills in the French Club. As a top academic, Deborah chose mentoring as her service area. This was well received by recipients as it was done during COVID and post COVID. Deborah was instrumental in helping her mentees bridge their knowledge gaps.
For her Residential project, Deborah did an environmental cleanup, where she cleaned up the environment along the Zambezi by working as a member of the Hemmersbach Rhino Force community which is founded under the Matrara Power Recycling Project; she helped the community by teaching the locals about sustainable waste removal and recycling, whilst joining them in daily litter sweeps. Once the collection of the junk removing was done she helped with balling all plastic to be used in recycling.
Daniella and Deborah have held not only the Peterhouse flag high with their Gold Awards, but have also represented Zimbabwe well, as Peterhouse is one of only three schools in Zimbabwe that runs the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

This year there are two girls currently pursuing their Gold Award: Lara Weller and Kaleigh Weeks. We wish them the best in their journey and hope to see them achieving their Gold Awards.
If you would like your daughter to participate in this excellent youth program please email Mrs Mazwi Phiri on for any enquiries or to get further details on the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.


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