Peterhouse U14 Basketball Invitational Tournament held on Saturday 11 November
Played 7 won 6 lost 1
Group Stages
Vs. Hillcrest won 22 – 5
Vs. Westridge won 17 – 5
Vs. St Georges B won 21 – 6
Vs. St John’s EH won 22 – 4
Peterhouse finished first in the group and progressed to the knockout stages.

Quarter finals
Vs. St Ignatius won 20 – 9
Semi finals
Vs. HIS won 22 – 19
Vs. St John’s College lost 7 – 23

Westridge U14 T15 tournament played on Saturday
Played 3 Won 2 Lost 1

Vs. Watershed
Peterhouse 206/1 (Matthew Williams 123; Isaac Allott 32)
Watershed 87/8 (Zvikomborero Matipano 3/13)
Peterhouse won by 119 runs
Matthew Williams was awarded Player of the Match

Vs. Eaglesvale
Peterhouse 272/1 (Zvikomborero Matipano 115; Isaac Allott 66)
Eaglesvale 13 all out (Jordan Gakanje 3/5; Jake Jones 3/2)
Peterhouse won by 259
Zvikomborero Matipano was awarded Player of the Match

Vs. Hellenic
Hellenic 108/8 (Jordan Gakanje 3/21)
Peterhouse 100/6 (James Hove 33*)
Peterhouse lost 8 runs
James Hove was awarded Player of the Match

Peterhouse came 3rd out of 8 schools

vs. St John’s Played on Saturday 11 November
Played 5 Won 4 Lost 1

St John’s 199 all out
Peterhouse 74 all out
Peterhouse lost by 125runs

St John’s 104 all out
PHB 105/4 (Bradley Munyanyiwa 42*)
PHB won by 6 wickets

St John’s 138 all out (Cameron Oosthuizen 3/14; Nicholas Orphanides 3/2)
Peterhouse 141/2 Nicholas Orphanides 43*; Ndiriwashe Munatsire 35)
PH won by 8 wickets

St John’s 51 all out
Peterhouse 52/ 5
PHB won by 5 wickets

St John’s 163/3
PHB 164/6 (Tanaka Guzha 49: Tavonga Vhiya 29)
PHB won by 4 wickets

Chisipite Sprints Regatta Results – held on Sunday 12 November 2023

The rowers participated in the Chisipite Sprints Regatta this past Sunday. It was a hot and tough day of rowing but the boys won the regatta overall. All novice rowers must be congratulated for participating in their first regatta. The results were as follows:

In the Men’s D single sculls, Max Annandale came in 2nd place. His first time in a scull was last week, so well done to him.
In the men’s D doubles, Max Annandale and Anesu Mutamangira came in 4th and Nyasha Chipendembe and Bentley Chapeyama 5th.
The men’s D quad came in 2nd place.

In the C category, Guy Annandale won the single sculls, with Tungamirai Chinhamo coming in 2nd, Joshua Stone 4th and Micah Mhlaba 8th.
Guy Annandale and Tungamirai Chinhamo won the doubles race, with Joshua Stone and Micah Mhlaba having a tight race coming in 3rd.
The men’s C Quad came in 1st place.

In the B category, Takudzwa Guvheya won the single sculls, with Josia Tungamirai coming in 3rd, Mufaro Matiza 4th and Tendeso Nyabereka 5th.
In the doubles race, Takudzwa Guvheya and Josia Tungamirai came in 1st with Alex Meikle and Tendeso Nyabereka coming in 3rd.
The quad came in 1st place.

In the A category, David Weller won the single sculls with Azeil Casimiro coming in 2nd.
In the doubles race, David Weller and Azeil Casimiro had an excellent race, coming in 1st, 14 seconds ahead of 2nd place.

Here are the results of inaugural Chisipite Co Ed gala
1st Hellenic 258 pts
2nd St John’s/Chisipite A 243pts
3rd Falcon 228pts
4th PHB/PHG 198pts
5th St John’s/Chisipite B 175pts
6th Lomagundi 78pts

Lomagundi Super 8s Results played on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November
Played 5 Won 5

vs. Zambia Academy
Peterhouse 133/2
Zambia Academy 90/4
Peterhouse won by 43 runs

vs. Falcon
Peterhouse 139/2
Falcon 97/5
Peterhouse won by 42 runs

vs. St George’s
St George’s 69/4
Peterhouse 71/0
Peterhouse won by 8 wickets

Peterhouse won their group and proceeded to the Qualifier

vs. Hellenic
Peterhouse 153/2
Hellenic 98/3
Peterhouse won by 55 runs

Peterhouse won the Qualifier which put them straight into the Final

Final vs. Lomagundi
Peterhouse 106/5
Lomagundi 65/5
Peterhouse won by 41 runs

Sunday – 19/11/2023
Peterhouse 1st XI played vs. Zimbabwe over 40s in a friendly match played at Peterhouse.

Zimbabwe Over 40s 213 all out (Ryan Moyo 4/35)
Peterhouse 187 all out (Kohl Eksteen 98*)
Peterhouse lost by 26 runs

Friendly matches played on Friday against Hellenic and St Georges.
Played 4 won 3 lost 1
vs. St George’s U14 won 8 – 5
vs. St George’s U15 lost 2 – 3
vs. St George’s U16 won 4 – 3
vs. Hellenic won 7 – 4


St George’s Junior Development Tournament – Saturday 18 November
Peterhouse fielded 2 teams:
The A Team (Takudwza Moga, Tomupei Gurupira, Tinashe Zireva and Elijah Mupangavanhu):
v Wise Owl won 4-0
v St George’s A lost 0-4
v Falcon won 4-0
v ZRP High lost 1/2 – 1/2 31/2
v St John’s lost 0-4
Overall Peterhouse A was ranked 13 out of 24 schools

The B Team (Ethan Hinds, Tadiwa Paraffin, Kaden Hahn and Adrian Mudekunye)
v Falcon won 4-0
v St George’s B won 3-1
v St George’s A lost 1-3
v Wise Owl won 4-0
v Prince Edward lost 1-3

Overall Peterhouse B was ranked 6 out of 24 schools.
Special mention goes to Kaden Hahn who won 4 and drew 1; obliterating his opponents with an exceptional display of attacking chess.