PHB Basketball Quadrangular results played @ PHB on Friday 06/10/2

Vs Wise Owl Harare
Played 6 Won 4 Lost 2
U14A won 14 – 10
U14B lost 18 – 28
U15A won 16 – 14
U15B lost 4 – 9
U16A won 26 – 8
U16B won 17 – 9

Played 6 Won 4 Lost 2
U14A won 13 – 12
U14B lost 11 – 25
U15A won 20 – 0
U15B won 17 – 14
U16A won 17 – 7
U16B lost 13 – 4

Played 6 Won 1 Lost 5
U14A lost 20 – 23
U14B lost 5 – 28
U15A won 31 – 30
U15B lost 12 – 18
U16A lost 13 – 17
U16B lost 11 – 32

Cricket Results – Vs. Prince Edward played on Saturday 07 October 2023

Played 6 Won 4 Lost 2

U16A – 40 over
Peterhouse lost by 7 wickets

U16B – 30 over
Jonathan Kachele 3/10
Peterhouse won by 64 runs

U15A – 40 over
Victor Watama 111*
Callum Scott Elliot 3/18, Nicholas Orphanides 3/27)
Peterhouse won by 118runs

U15B – 30 over
Peterhouse lost by 1 wickets

U14A – 40 over
Jake Jones 6/17
Peterhouse won by 9 wickets

U14B – 30 over
Anashe Nyaruwata 4/1
Peterhouse won by 9 wickets

Results of the table tennis matches played versus Winwood

1st team Peterhouse lost 2 – 5

Tennis results versus Prince Edward

Played 4 Won 4 Lost 0

1st won 11 – 1
U16 won 7 – 5
U15 won 12 – 0
U14 lost 9 – 3

Peterhouse hosted an U16 Invitational Tournament on Saturday 7 October 2023 and the results were as follows;

Group Stage
vs Murehwa – won 2 – 0
vs Bradford – won 2 – 0
vs Tynwald – won 2 – 0

Peterhouse emerged as group winners and proceeded to the Quarter finals.

Quarter finals
vs Marondera High – lost 0 – 2

Mafarowashe Mawoyo was voted best blocker of the tournament

Peterhouse also fielded their U15 side in this tournament. They were eliminated in the group stage having played 3, won 1 and lost 2.

Juniors U14
Played 3 Won 2 Lost 1 Drew 0
Juniors U15
Played 3 Won 0 Lost 1 Drew 1

U16 Boys played in the Knox Tournament held at Hellenic and St Johns
Played 5 Won 3 Lost 2 Drew 0
1st CBC
2nd Hellenic
3rd Peterhouse
4th Falcon
5th St Johns
6th St Georges

Congratulations on a fine effort, many thanks to Mr Rusteberg for giving up his time to coach and Mr Kern for assisting on the table this weekend.

Congratulations to the following who were chosen to represent Zimbabwe U16A side.
Tapfuma Taundi
Bongani Dube
Donovan Bodington



For coaching, general assistance and commitment to developing the sport more in the school.
Rukudzo Midzi

For ready commitment and repeated availability throughout the year, sometimes at very short notice, for various activities and matches.
Matthew Tippett
Daniel Froude
Adon Odendaal
Simba Mandingaisa
Hudson Findlay
Joshua Oberholzer
Ethan Gama


For consistently going the extra mile to assist others on the range, train new archers and involve themselves in Archery-related activities
Musa Kurenzvi
Ngonidzashe Chikono

For their consistent enthusiasm and involving themselves in Archery-related activities
Matthew Gratwicke
Christiano Uriri
Riaan Bezuidenhout
Michael Fowlds

Cock’s Tie
For continued service to the archery club for several years, training new and team archers, involvement and support in schools’ archery not limited to PH, frequently running sessions, I feel he has gone over and above the basic requirements of the captain of the sport, and has been active in it for more than 4 years.

Xuan Ze Hong

For his dedication to the club and excellent progress made over the course of the year.
Golden Cocks Tie – Azeil Casimiro

For their help with coaching novice crews.
Mufaro Matiza
Takudzwa Guvheya


Nicholas Anderson

Makanaka Mhinga
Tariro Muchineripi

Tendai Mutwira

Cullum Young
Liam Kirkman
Tinaye Mangana


v Gateway – Tuesday 3 October – Home
Juniors: Peterhouse lost 85% vs Gateway’s – 86%.
Best Speaker: Kodzero Chinhara

Intermediates: Peterhouse won 73% vs Gateway’s 63%.
Adrian Mudekunye was the Second Best Speaker.

NIAA Literary Festival
First Grade:
1). Simbarashe Mutevhe – Prose.
2). Spencer Bean – Prose.
3). Matthew Gratwicke – Prose.
6). Anashe Chimuka – Poetry.
7). Tawananyasha Kunaka – Poetry.
8). Shingai Shumba – Poetry

First Grade Plus:
1). Bheki Chatira – Poetry.
2). Kodzero Chinhara – Poetry.
3). Tadiwanashe Paraffin – Poetry.
4). Kaystone Hlongwane – Poetry.
5). Jeremy Sameke – Poetry.

Honours Grades:
1). Adrian Mudekunye – Prose.
2). Bradley Palmer – Poetry.

National Prize Winners (Honours Grade):
1). Batsirai Nyawo – Poetry

NIAA Arts Festival
Commended for their efforts in this years’ festival:
Michael Koen
Tanaka Chiromo
Ashley Chaitezvi
Godwin Munyikwa
Tinayeishe Charandura

Amiran Durham did well to achieve a Highly Commended certificate. His work was selected for the NIAA exhibition at Jubilee Hall, Hartmann House.


v Gateway – Tuesday 3 October
Junior category: Simbarashe Muteve was the Best Speaker and in the Intermediates: Tawananyasha Mhinga was the Second Best Speaker. Well done to the public speakers.


Today we honour boys in extracurricular cultural activities with various awards for their commitment, excellence and model behaviour. Bridge, Interact, Debate, Drama and Music are being awarded today. More nominees, as well as cultural awards from other activities will be awarded in next term’s Award Assembly.

A Credit is awarded to a pupil for an act of service over and above the call of duty.

For Photography – For taking photos at sports events at short notice:

  1. Denzil Matsika

For Sports Filming:

  1. Emmanuel Chatora – For doing some high quality filming and editing tasks this year
  2. Takudzwa Moga – For stepping in when needed at short notice

Distinctions are awarded to a pupil for an act / acts of service for a sustained period of time, well over and above the call of duty.

For Magazine – For being available at short notice for the many tasks which are involved in Magazine Club:

  1. Tendeso Nyabereka
  2. Amiran Durham

For Sports Filming – For volunteering for the arduous task of filming at all hours at diverse venues without complaining and without reward or acknowledgement. They have taken on responsibility and risk in an impressive manner:

  1. Luka Mphatso
  2. Mafarowashe Matiza
  3. Tapiwa Kamba
  4. Jonathan Chinyanga
  5. Simba Shirichena
  6. Isaac Hildebrand
  7. Adrian Mudekunye

Exceptional, Extraordinary, Accomplished, Remarkable, Unquestionable, Loyal, Polished, Upstanding.

Awards are given, on various levels, to members of the PH pupil community who display the above descriptions. These members may not be perfect, but they naturally inspire others to strive to be the best version of themselves even if it means no public reward is ever given them.

Today we honour the pupils in various cultural activities who have remained steadfast, exemplary and tenacious, and we encourage the rest of the school, to commit & never give up in being the best version of themselves.

A Silver Service Tie is awarded to a senior pupil who has given four years or more of service to any of the service activities (e.g. Kukura ne Shungu, Chapel, Chapel Choir, Library, Interact, Leo etc.) or has made a contribution to a number of different areas.

For Interact:

  1. Tadiwa Mandimutsira
  2. Emmanuel Magutakuona

For Leo:

  1. Kundai Gurajena
  2. Tafara Chakumhara
  3. Tavonga Mhuriro
  4. Kupa Jani
  5. Anesu Chivurayise
  6. Tendai Mutwira
  7. Munashe Gara
  8. Gerald Gwaze
  9. Immanuel Chiota

For Photography:

  1. Dylan Makwiranzou

For Sports Filming:

  1. Nathaniel Kabungaidze

Gold Cock’s Ties are awarded to pupils who, without half or full colours, have represented the school in the A team / Senior level for more than 75% of matches.

For Choir:

  1. Nathan Stone
  2. Gladmore Mukuro
  3. Seth Machiwenyika
  4. Masimba Chinodyaruswa
  5. Panashe Fantiso
  6. Blessed Matsikidze
  7. Khaya Mpala
  8. Christian Chikwanda
  9. David Mahofa
  10. Simba Madamba
  11. Christopher Manhanga
  12. Taropafadzwa Kafesu
  13. Ivan Ajento
  14. Themba Mahlangu
  15. Michael Marimo
  16. Mukudzei Mutyatyu
  17. Dhiaan Goven
  18. Tafadzwa Mahufe
  19. Takudzwa Jeri
  20. Tawanda Gusha
  21. Mthandazo Khupe
  22. Kendall Mtetwa
  23. Frank Tayali
  24. Vimbisai Kapuya
  25. Kuzivakwashe Masaya
  26. Makanaka Musikavanhu
  27. George Mugurungi
  28. Michael Mwenje
  29. Takudzwa Mawoyo
  30. John Saravoyi
  31. Tadiwa Chikombero
  32. Tafadzwa Katiyo
  33. Christian Wekwete
  34. Tinashe Masaka
  35. Liam Fourie

Half Colours –
For Bridge:
Exceptional commitment to the activity; consistently produced good to excellent results with their partner; and has been to Mashonaland Pairs placing second in the A-Room:

  1. Mudiwa Hakunavanhu
  2. Tavonga Mhuriro

For Drama:
Has lead exceptionally in a notable role in a major senior school production, NIAA & House Plays:

  1. Ishe Mberewere

For Music:
Passed Grade 7 LCM with Merit, has been a committed member of the Chapel Choir / Mixed Choir for 4 years, and is Head of Senior Boys Choir:

  1. Emmanuel Magutakuona

For Debate:
Exceptional commitment to the activity, represented the school and been nominated Best Speaker and/or Second Best Speaker in most of the matches and tournaments (75%) in which they spoke:

  1. Nyasha Chakumhara

For Chess:
Exceptional commitment to the activity, represented the school in all matches, won 82% of 11 League matches, Best Player on the Board in most matches, Exceptional Chess Captain:

  1. Andre Antunes-Ferreira

Full Colours-
For Vocal Music:
Passed Grade 7 LCM with Distinction, obtained 3 Honours Grades in the Eisteddfod in 3 consecutive years, soloist in Chapel Choir & Senior Boys Choir. Instrumentally performed in school musical; external school functions; school support. Has been a committed member of choir & jazz band for the full 6 years of their school life. Has passed internal Music Theory examination. An exceptional servant of the Music Department:

  1. Tawananyasha Mashavave

For WSC:
Active member of the club for all years at 90% attendance rate, attended Regional & Global Rounds achieving Gold in at least 3 of the 3 disciplines. Ranked top 3 in a Regional Round:

  1. Idai Mapuvire

For WSC & Debate respectively:
Exceptional commitment to WSC attending Global & Regional Rounds & acquiring Gold medals for Debate, collaborative Writing, & Scholar’s Challenge. Placed top 3 for Regional Round.
Exceptional member of Debate since D Block. Captained team that won ATS Jnr Debate in D Block. Best / Second Best Speaker in more than 75% of matches. Represented Zimbabwe with Distinction at Oxford, Oxbridge & Harbard Tournaments. A Zimbabwean International Moot Court champion. Inspirational Debate President.

  1. Kuzivakwashe Khuleya