Over the course of last weekend the boys partook in activities designed to take them out of their comfort zones and throw them off guard at times, to build team spirit and to test their limits at times. 

After some really tough activities, such as being linked to a pole while traversing Calderwood Park, boys were expecting a hearty Peterhouse supper prepared by the kitchen, instead, they received a box of mystery ingredients to prepare supper not only for their team, but for a number of senior staff including The Rector, and they all lived to tell the tale! 

Activities were separated by a variety of interactive talks on their legacy, the value of good communication and good leadership. Housemasters moved with their boys to observe those showing leadership, initiative, mental agility, communication and teamwork, rather than just physical prowess.

The camp was very successful in its objectives and the boys handled everything in good spirit, showing that they have matured considerably.