From the Rector’s Desk – 03/11/2023

Thursday 30 November 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We end the term with tragic news. Faston Mutuke, a staff member in the Design and Technology
Department, passed away early this morning. The suddenness of this news has caught the Peterhouse
community completely off guard, and we once again feel the shock and distress of another tragedy. Our
thoughts and prayers go to Faston’s family as they wrestle with his untimely passing. Faston joined the
Peterhouse Group in 2009 and made his mark by guiding pupils through the complexities of the Design
and Technology courses.

As the school empties for the holiday, so the process of reflection on 2023 can begin. It has, in so many
respects, been a fulfilling and successful year. In reading term-end reports it appears that the majority of
pupils have enjoyed considerable growth and success this year. The reports contain invaluable insights
which I hope will be put to good use in the coming months. In my final Assembly, I spoke about the
power of reflection and recognizing individual successes, as well as understanding the significance of
challenge. I implored the boys to acknowledge their success in an appropriate manner while at the same
time making sure they learn lessons from failure and disappointment. Reflection must be a positive
process and should not be clouded by self-pity or seen as a precursor to blame. It takes toughness and
fortitude to face up to mistakes but, if seen in the correct context, they can provide one with incredible
learning opportunities. So, as all our pupils return home, I hope they will look back on 2023 positively
and see the year for what it really was. I also reminded the boys of the importance of relationships, and
that during the holiday they need to use their time wisely in cultivating relationships with those closest
and most important to them. It is my sincere hope that the upcoming holiday will provide the whole
Peterhouse community with an opportunity to reconnect and enjoy some quality family time. In closing
the Assembly, my message was simple: be wise, kind, grateful, and gentle this holiday.

For the 2023 Leavers the year ended with the Leavers’ Ball in Harare. What an occasion it was, and
congratulations and thanks go to all those involved in the organization of this year’s Ball. It is my very
sincere hope that the leavers will hold on to the memory of the evening as the last occasion that they, as a
group, are all together. Now, as Petreans, they venture into an expectant world where we hope that they
will become men and women of substance and influence. On the topic of Petreans, I was extremely
privileged to have been able to attend the UK Petrean Dinner in London on Saturday 25 November.
Hosted in the Cavalry and Guards Club near Hyde Park Corner the evening brought together, amidst
much nostalgia and humour, one hundred Petreans from across the years. There were many rich and
colourful stories of bygone days, all of which spoke of an amazing affection and support for the school.
The UK Petrean Committee is to be congratulated on their incredible effort in bringing Petreans together
in support of the school. On Friday 1 December a similar event will be taking place in Harare where
Petreans are gathering in celebration of the school and their time here. Like London, this is a “full house”
function and, again, marks the importance of the links between Petreans and the school.

Our end of year traditional Choral and Concert Services took place in the Chapel last weekend. Both well
supported, they brought the year to a very appropriate close as we heralded the start of the Christmas
season. Thanks to the Music Department for their hard work in ensuring the success of both the Carol
Service and end of year Marondera Community Concert.

As we begin the Christmas holiday, I would like to extend my very sincere thanks to the whole
Peterhouse Community for your support of the school this year. It has, in many ways, been a remarkable
year. As always, we have had our challenges, but I believe these have added strength to our resolve in
ensuring the school remains at the top of its game. We also celebrate the announcement of Dave Kirkman
as incoming Headmaster of Falcon. While a loss to our cause, we know that, in his appointment to Falcon,
he will add further to the developing of educational excellence in the country.

Please find below the term dates for Lent term 2024:

Begins: Tuesday 9 January

There will be no school fixtures arranged on the following weekends:

-Friday 26 – Monday 29 January
-Friday 16 – Thursday 22 February
-Friday 8 – Monday 11 March
Ends: Wednesday 27 March
(Public Holiday: 21 February)
(Easter: 29 March – 1 April)

May the Christmas holiday be one of great joy to all our families and may the prospect of 2024 bring
much excitement and success.

With season greetings,

Jon Trafford


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