Equestrian Handbook

Welcome to the Peterhouse Equestrian Centre

Options available:

EVENTING: This is where riders learn to do three main disciplines, dressage, show jumping and cross- country. Riders have all the facilities to practice at school. Lessons are provided at the various levels in all three disciplines. Riders may compete at the centre as well as in Harare.

Lessons are offered by Celeste Wright (Zimbabwe Instructor) – these charges are extra.

TRAIL RIDING: This is where riders will learn how to ride out in the bush. They are taught basic GPS skills as well as how to look after their horses while out camping / trailing. This is a very popular option for those who just wish to learn how to ride and not compete.


Full Livery: everything is supplied for the horse

Half Livery: the cost of full livery is shared between two children that use the same horse

Own food: you are to bring in your own horse food. No food is supplied by the centre. Everything else is covered.

Outrides: riders may come for an out-ride during the term as long as all indemnities are signed – no personal horse is needed. There is a small charge per outride. This is for riders that don’t come during the week on a regular basis.

Junior school: lessons are offered once a week for junior school children.

All monies are charged to the rider’s school fee account.

EXTRA costs that can be incurred: Vet bills / Farrier / Vaccines

  1. All riders are required to wear proper riding helmets and riding boots at all times.

  2. Riders may walk down to and back from the centre alone, but may not remain at the centre unless there are three or more other riders present.

  3. No riding is to take place unless an authorised adult is present.

  4. All riders must submit an official signed indemnity form before they are allowed to ride.

  5. No sharing of horses is allowed unless permission is granted from Management.

  6. Friends (non-members) are only permitted to come to the Centre if they have a signed Indemnity Form and are accompanied by a rider.

  7. Non-members are not permitted to ride, or groom, any horse under any circumstance.

  8. Riders are not to ride along the public roads faster than a trot and only when necessary.

  9. Riders are only allowed to visit Gosho Park and Calderwood Park when there is an authorised adult with them.

  10. Pupils who are members of PEC should ride with the Peterhouse numnas and wear Peterhouse colours at any and all events which allow it (both during the term and in school holidays). In return, PEC members may apply for free nights for Friday and/or Saturday nights when an event in Harare requires it. We will also publish all event results in our newsletter.

  11. Pupils who are not members of the PEC but who wish to ride in Peterhouse colours may do so once they have registered at the PEC. They will then be entitled to apply for free nights for eventing in Harare, entitled to qualify for colours and awards according to the “external” criteria and results may be sent to the school for inclusion in the newsletter.

  1. All monies owed are to be paid into the rider’s school fee account.
  2. A terms notice is required if the rider discontinues for any reason.
  3. Dr. Lombard. the centre’s vet, will be called out for any veterinary purposes at the discretion of Management and the rider will be billed according to the school fee account.
  4. The P.E.C Farrier will be called to out to shoe any horses as necessary and the rider will be billed accordingly to the school fee account.
  5. All horses will be paddocked in groups sorted out by Management.
  6. All horses must have a head-collar, lead-rein and fly-fringe. If these are not supplied they will be supplied by Management and the rider will be billed according to the school fee account.
  7. All repairs done by the school tailor will be billed according to the school fee account.
  1. Check if the rider is conscious. If conscious and able to move under his/her own ability then help him/her up, then take them to see the san. If unconscious check airways are open but do not move him/her, call for help immediately and wait with them until help arrives.
  2. If a rider has broken bones do not try to move him/her – help them to be as comfortable as possible, call for help and wait with them until help arrives
  3. All riders are to report any accident of any nature to the instructor present
  4. All riders with any medical condition are to report this to the instructor/ Management before they ride
Tack List
  • Helmet (may use one from the centre)
  • Boots / flat shoes with small heel
  • Jodpurs / tights
  • Head-collar
  • Lead-rein
  • Fly-fringe
  • Bridle
  • Saddle, Numna, girth, stirrups
  • Grooming Kit
  • Basic Medical Box for horse
  • Blanket
  • White square numna
  • Black saddle
  • Cirsingle
  • Body Protector
  • Gloves
  • White Jods, white shirts, jacket, long boots or chaps.

An Indemnity Form must be completed by parents/guardians and signed by parents/guardians, and the school, before a child may ride.

A Consent Form must be completed, signed and returned after reading all published information.  

Once these two forms have been received the rider may go to the centre to and sort out lessons with Management.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact


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